Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reds Lay One on Giants' Collective Faces, Reds 7-6

Exciting game today between the Redlegs and the Giants, after a little push and pull, the Reds wrapped things up in a nice little package and evened up the season series with the San Franciscans. As it was Cabrera's day off, due to general oldness, Yanish-Janish got to show off his fancy pants glove and Phillips got bumped up into the leadoff spot and excelled. Four hits, two scored and the tying margin knocked in in the 8th off Guillermo Moto. I'm pretty sure he knew that ball was fair down the right field line but still took a couple of congratulatory steps out of the batter's box. Looking sharp B. Phill, especially when you're knocking in two with a triple. His average topped .300 for the first time this year and was generally impressive in all facets of the game. And less we forget, he's a fine dresser and has the manners of royalty. Yes'm.

Today we were also witness to Mike Leake's first borderline poor major league start. He lasted 4 and a 1/3, so it wasn't awful, but he gave up a ton of hits, including several for extra bases to Aubrey Huff, and five runs over the short duration of his start. He should have probably only absorbed four of those runs, but that's what happens when you leave guys on for Del Rosario he unloads them. Though Enerio arguably did his job, inducing a ground ball to Rolen, which he didn't have any interest in fielding, he just loves pushing those so called ducks on the pond, off the pond. But, back to Leake, he's been quite good to this point in the season, so he was due a bad one. The bullpen, with the usual exception of Masset, was solid. Rhodes extended his scoreless streak. I think it's at 300 innings. Maybe we just need to wait for the rest of the bullpen to mature, like some sort of beer/wine combination, and by the time they're 41, they'll be lights out. But as stated, once the Reds caused the dominant Todd Wellemeyer to pull his quad, the offense was on their way and the performance of Leake was forgotten, at least once he was actually out of the game.

Tomorrow the Royals roll into town, looking forward to losing three games to the Central leading Reds. The Reds actually owe them a revenge beating based on the three-game sweep they, the Reds, endured last year. I, fortunately, appear to have suppressed that memory. Reds losses can be very hard on both the body and the soul. So, back on top and the Cardinals are losing like that's what they're paid to do. Nice work boys. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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