Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reds Drop Series to Team No One Cares About

The Reds spent the weekend with a team from Kansas City who apparently has a lion for a mascot. His name is Slugger and has a crown-shaped tumor growing out of his skull. Don't worry, it's benign. At least the deformity doesn't look like its cut into his ability to make it to the gym. That lion is in peak physical condition.

Arroyo, presented with a 4 run lead on Friday, couldn't hold it and the Reds left runners all over the bases losing in extra innings. At least the Reds were prepared for the loss, as Micah Owings was in the game. That's not the way to win a game. Saturday, things were better. Jonny Gomes went wild, hitting two three-run jobbers, allowing Cueto to give up 5 runs in a single inning and still pick up the win. 6-1 is a very attractive record, nice job Johnny. However, Sunday, with the exception of Votto, the offense didn't have much interest in hammering Greinke. He does have that anxiety issue, which Votto of all people, should understand. The Royals jumped on the bullpen and wrapped up another loss for LeCure. Tough break guys but at least the Cardinals dropped two of three to the Snakes, which can't feel good. Reds retain a game and a half lead at 8 games over .500.

The Reds start up again tomorrow with three-games with the Dodgers. Harang is on the hill and his uncontrollable anger has re-manifested itself. Hopefully it carries over. For a while it looked as if he was going to be hitchhiking out of town with his bindle over his shoulder, David Banner style. He's simply misunderstood.

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