Monday, June 28, 2010

Rolen Reveals That He Is, In Fact, Sweet, Reds 7-3

Reds started their long string of non-terrible teams with a victory tonight over the Phillies. The Reds certainly looked like the better team. Cueto was real shaky early but was bailed out by some good defense and ended up posting a very impressive stat line. Eight innings with just the one run allowed on a Ryan Howard triple which, should Drew Stubbs take a time ship back, would probably make that play. Or maybe not, one run is still pretty solid.

The offense took a little time to get going against Kyle Kendrick, three innings, but once they did they lit him on fire. Rolen hit his 300th home run of his career, joining such lofty company as Jay Buhner, Jeremy Burnitz, and Richie Sexson. Those guys were something special. But, now he's only 5 behind Reggie Sanders, which, if he is to pass him would be an actual accomplishment. That guy could rake and is a exceeded his success on the field with a pleasant demeanor. In addition to Rolen, Votto and Cabrera both had three hits. The latter, really needed a couple of knocks. VFortunately, Kyle Kendrick was happy to oblige. He also made a couple of rock solid defensive plays, that one with his back to the infield was the bee's knees. Votto's three hits get glossed over because of his consistent high level of performance. Sorry, Joey. The Reds Rocket penalizes success. The team also got to work Bill Bray and his wholly hittable stuff back into the game. He gave up a single followed by a bomb from Ibanez. He did retire Howard, which, perhaps, should be his lone occupation. Either way, welcome back Bill, we expect slightly less poor performances in the future.

Reds plan victory number two tomorrow. Phillies have announced that they concede. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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