Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Los Dodger Hand Leake His First Loss, Dodgers 6-2

In his post game interview, Leake expressed some relief over the loss. He was happy to get it out of the way but at the same time also disappointed that the Reds all of a sudden struggle at home. It may have something to do with the quality of the opposition, excepting the Royals, but that leaves the Reds at 3-5 on the current homestand, their longest of the season.

The team did appear to be sabotaged by the officials, exemplified by both Dusty and Rolen getting tossed. But seriously, the pitch to Rolen was about an inch and a half off the ground. And when you're being mistreated by the umps, so might as well phone in the rest of the evening, as they did. Yesterday, my apologies for the belated comment, they looked awful, so the 6-2 loss looks a little better. At least they put two runs on the board and gave up fewer than 12. Owings seems interested in being non-tendered as rumors are that the Reds, for some reason, seek to supplement their poor bullpen. Maybe they should see if Jesse Orosco is interested in coming out of retirement, as old left-handed pitchers appear to be the only reliable option out of the pen. They did make a move, bringing up Jordan Smith to potentially get a few outs. He did that in clean-up duty yesterday, recording three outs which is certainly something. I think he will remember that 2 and half hour rain delay positively.

Reds bounce back tomorrow before hitting the road to beat on some American League teams on the west coast. On an aside, I was able to catch Jonny Gomes on the Jim Rome Show today. Boom, you're gone! Nice job Jonny and also a shout-out to the Clones.

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