Friday, September 7, 2007

Brewers Provide No Competition, Reds 11-4

With the Brewers only a half game behind the Cubs to start the day [and 1/2 game in front of the Cards], you'd think they'd have been more interested in playing some baseball. Turns out that was the last thing on their mind. Bush was brutal. I remember some expert from ESPN stating that he would be one of the "players you haven't heard of who you'd want on your team." Well, I would guess that outside of Cincinnati most people haven't heard of Phil Dumatrait, maybe he can be a part of the column as well.

The offense exploded in support of Arroyo, giving him an 8-0 lead after two. The first five Reds got on to start the game with Hamilton getting two hits in the inning. Then Griffey went deep with a guy on in the second but at that point it was pretty much rubbing it in. Ned Yost, eager to get out on the town and meet up with ladies interested in some personal managerial time, got tossed. Can't say I blame you Ned. With Jay Bruce being named the Minor League Player of the Year [even if it is by Baseball America], it turned out to be a pretty good day to be a Reds fan, unless you're Ryan Jorgensen. The author is curious what kind of controlled substance can provide you with the ability to hit .230 at AAA. My guess is sherm. Catchers are into crazy shit. Continue the dominance of the Brewers tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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