Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reds Take It One Day at a Time, Astros 8-5

Just because the Reds have, technically, been eliminated from playing meaningful baseball until next season, is no reason to stop paying attention to the series with the Astros. At least Dane Cook isn't yelling at me about the joy of Reds baseball. I'd make that sacrifice every season. That guy's a real toolbox.

Tonight, Bailey started and wasn't all that impressive. He was given a lead but gave it back with help from Coutlangus and some pretty awful defense behind him. Votto made his debut as the three hitter and hit a bomb in his first at bat, but did little else to aid the team afterwards. He did commit an error in left, which I suppose kept Bailey's ERA down. Nice work Joey. Hopper got a couple of hits at the top of the order and drove in not one, but two runs on the season. That gives him a total of 14 for the season, which, coincidentally, is also the number of toes he has. That's what makes him such an effective leadoff hitter. Tom Shearn emerges from the den he's built under the mound to dominate the Astronauts tomorrow. Yeah!

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