Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cardinals Roll Reds Up, Smoke Them Like a Cigarette, 11-3

Dumatrait's start probably lived up to the low expectations of not being god awful, but he was still pretty awful. To his defense, he should have been out of the 5th after that ground ball to Keppinger. But just because Phillips doesn't hit Pujols in the face on his relay to first is no excuse to toss the game out the window. Jim Edmonds shouldn't be the offensive catalyst. That by itself is reason to get you yanked from the game.

The picture to the left seems appropriate, after Gosling's performance yesterday. Maybe the reason that he can't get anyone out is that he pitches like he catches, with his eyes closed. He believes that by simply listening for the ball, or the catcher's mitt when he's on the mound, he can reach a higher plain of perception than by relying upon the most obvious of senses. However, anyone on the team, eyes open or not, is a better option than Guardado. So, at least we got the night off from him. Anyway, Reds turn to the Arroyo rock show to salvage the series today. Hopefully he can last longer than the five and a third he's been turning in lately because every single member of that bullpen just can't wait to get in there and suck.


Aaron said...

I would have said "smoked them like a doobie".

Anonymous said...

what's a doobie?