Sunday, September 2, 2007

Reds Birds Outwit Redmen Again, Cardinals 3-2

The Cardinals looked a little more like a playoff team, for this series at least, than the Reds' recent competition in the Central. The author has not been impressed with perennial losers, the Cubs or Brewers this entire second half. But the Cardinals seem to have their head screwed on right. Of course they're still assholes, assholes who played pretty good baseball this weekend.

Today, Arroyo was pretty solid and at least got into the 7th, he didn't finish the inning but he's giving it his best shot. The Rick Ankiel Outfieldmotron continued to kill the Reds with a home run and what turned out to be the winning run knocked in on a sac fly. The Reds offense decided not to show up this series, even against Braden Looper. Though the author read somewhere that Looper dominates in day games for some reason. That doesn't make any sense unless he's a werewolf and gets nervous the closer the game gets to the full moon. Griffey had two opportunities with a runner at third and less than two outs and decided not to knock in either man. I guess it's up to him, I'm not going to the Hall of Fame.

Tomorrow, the Reds go back home to face the Mets and the exhumed corpse of Pedro Martinez. He's back as a zombie and may have a taste for human blood but more likely, is going to pitch like a dead body. No word on whether or not his geri curl made it back with him. My fingers are crossed. The Mets just swept the Braves, but seriously, who hasn't? Before that they lost four to the Phillies. Hey, we get to see our old pal Jeff Conine. I can't wait to talk about the good old days in Tacoma.

Timmons: Tacoma? Tell me Jeff, does it still smell like shit there?
Jeff Conine: Smells like shit? The city smells like an a giant outhouse.
Timmons: Boy, that brings me back.

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