Monday, September 3, 2007

Mr. Met Murders Harang's Family Before the Game, and Reds Lose 10-4

There is no other explanation for Harang's lack of focus. Hey, I can't blame the guy, he wants to be out there pitching, but we all saw him in New York against the Mets. This just wasn't the same giant monster today. Just imagine those murderous eyes [pictured at right] looking at you while you're trying to concentrate on the mound. He's got the blood lust.

On the other, non-pretend murder hand, the offense wasn't overly impressive again today. And now to teach you a lesson, you're the lead in for every SportsCenter commercial. "Was Pedro Mart-astic or Mart-arded today against the Reds? Tune into Sports Center at the top of the hour." Mart-arded could easily be replaced by Mart-errible. Griffey did take the time to get a runner in from third with a sacrifice fly. I don't know if you noticed, but on the Reds' official site that is one of the two choices for video from today's game. The other is the game-ending double play that Phillips hit into. Hey, Jorge Cantu got his average back up to .267 with a big single in the 9th. That acquisition is looking better every day, don't forget to check out his blog. Krivsky you diabolical. Tomorrow, Belisle is on the mound but he gets to go up against Oliver Perez. I know, I've seen Olivia's numbers this year but we all know, deep down, he's a piece of garbage. And he will pitch like it tomorrow.

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