Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enjoy It While You Can Oswalt, Astros 4-1

I realize that he didn't actually get the win last night, but, under ordinary circumstances when he wasn't facing Cueto, Roy Boy probably pitched well enough to win one for the A-holes. But let this serve as a warning to you, Oswalt, when you're going 1 and 23 against the Reds to bring your record back down to .500, no one is going to feel sorry for you. Fuckface.

Anyway, the Reds went into the 9th last night tied at 1 apiece. The offense was anemic but Cueto was very good. For your daily Brandon Phillips update, he did get a hit, which is positive. He also grounded into a double play to end one of the Reds few threats. Chris Dickerson, who actually had a positive impact on the game, throwing Tejada out trying to stretch a double, had to leave the game when Tejada attempted to even things with a head butt at second base. That kind of production is hard to replace. I guess the Reds are just going to have to rely on Laynce Nix to strike out 12 out of his next 16 at bats.

Coco had his first shaky outing of the year. I request to see only the Cordero who closed the Reds' first win of the season versus the Mets. He looked like he was popping Eric Gagne's cocktail of "vitamins." Someone needs to remind him that he is, I believe, the highest salaried player on the team and he only pitches about 3 innings a week. Win the next two Reds or it's just going to be Mr. Redlegs and his mistresses at the game.

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