Monday, April 27, 2009

Owings Gives Braves Blanket Infected with Yellow Fever, Reds 8-2

The Reds Rocket suffered a service interruption over the weekend. Likely due to sabotage or, much less probable, non-payment of costs owed. Every morning I pass a large group of, apparently, Indian guys, walking to work. I'll just yell my technological questions out the window and I'm pretty sure they'll be able to help. Regardless, pseudo-action shots of Micah Owings were withheld for that reason. Hopefully the readership didn't find some other unknowledgable, non-Cincinnatian with whom to discuss the Reds. The Reds Rocket doesn't have a strong retention policy in place.

The Reds, looking over the weekend very similar to what the unenlightened envisioned prior to the season. Apparently, the team doesn't like playing in front of numerous supportive fans. So, if you're going to continue to show up to games, do the tomahawk chop or cheer for Volquez 10 walks, no frustrated murmurring. You can just continue to boo Ramon Hernandez.

Regarding, Volquez, he had a little trouble with the strike zone on Friday and took the loss dispite giving up just one hit. There is no one in the Braves lineup, other than maybe Larry Jones, who should be walked under any scenario. But, if you really can't make the ball go straight, even if you want it to, what can be said. I attribute it to the subpar tunafish sandwich he had before the game. Next time maybe he can just drill 7 batters instead of walking them. I liked Chipper's quote regarding the Escobar flare-up, he's just an asshole, ignore his reaction. That jog from the bullpen is the most exercise that Weathers gets during the season. He's going to need a couple of days off to recouperate.

On Saturday, Arroyo must have had to spend some long hours at the office because it looked like his carpal tunnel was acting up. Those billing statements aren't going to transcribe themselves Bronson. The offense wasn't doing much and the result was not positive.

Yesterday, however, everyone looked much better. Ray Jay went deep twice and Owings went 7 solid innings for his first win of the year. Despite scoring 8 runs, Encarnacion still managed to go hitless. For those of you crunching the numbers, that makes him 8 for 59 this year, 18 strikeouts with a slugging percentage of .203. He has drawn 13 walks, which isn't too bad but has only scored 2 runs and will probably have to start getting at least an occasional hit unless he wants to take his semi-annual trip down to Louisville. At least the bottom half of the offense appears to be showing signs of getting going. Gonzalez hit his first bomb of the year and Hernandez's average has climbed up to a acceptable .255, though he's still not hitting with much power and has a lower OBP than Encarnacion. But, the Reds Rocket is competent everything will get worked out and the offense will soon be running like the finely oiled machine Dusty has so masterfully assembled. Reds hand Oswalt loss number two tonight. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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