Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reds Lose? Cubs 7-2

I typed 'man shrugging shoulders' into Google for a picture to go along with the surprise of the caption and this guy came up. First of all, looks like he's from the Ukraine, which is neither here nor there, but second, he doesn't look so much, surprised, as saying something like 'you couldn't handle this baby.' Like a Martin Lawrence movie where he accidentily tries to pick up a transvestite. Regardless, of whether he may actually be surprised in the photo, if he was in attendance at last night's game, or getting the satelite feed in the Ukraine, I am certain that he would have been surprised at the Reds' poor play.

The Cubs looked like they may actually be a pretty good team this year. Harden was solid and the offense, even one full of Hoffpauirs, Theriots and Fontenots, looked pretty good. Owings, outside the first inning, didn't look great. But the high point was the reintroduction of Ray Jay into the lineup. His second bomb of the year briefly give the Reds the lead. I will assume that means he's finally getting on track, which would be a nice boost with 4 starters, not including the pitcher, with an average below .200. Brook Jacoby is a miracle worker. Reds play better today, hammer Ted Lilly.

Side note - before the Reds started yesterday I was listening to the Blue Jays/Rangers game and the Rangers' announcer said that, due to some violation by SkyDome, last night's game was one of two where the stadium wasn't allowed to sell alcohol. There were only like 5,000 Canucks at the game. Where's the Molson, eh?

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