Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting To Know - Dusty Baker

There is not much debate that Dusty is the finest skipper in the history of the game but what, other than being friends with Hank Aaron, makes him so great? I wouldn't get any sleep, and I've got a full day of incredibly important television to watch in front of me, if I went through the whole list. So, we'll just stick from the motivational stuff from Spring Training.

Dusty on developing young talent:
When the kids first come up from the farm, I bring them over to Casa de Dusty. I've got a tent set up in the back yard and every day, every goddamn morning, those boys are up at 9 a.m. working that skillet. I tell those boys, seriously son, you got a lot to learn. How you going to hit a big league hook if you can't even poach an egg. Bring me a couple slices of honey dew too, that's part of the learning process too.

Dusty on life:
You can't just go around choking people. It's just life boys, no matter how much you want to. You think Dusty wouldn't like to choke a few people? I'll tell you what, I can think of more than a few. I've got about 35 people in my mind right now and you know what? You set them in front of me, I'd be choking them right now, right here with all you people around watching.

Dusty on Hank Aaron:
You know, when people ask me, what's one thing that people don't know about Dusty Baker, you know what it is? I am close personal friends with Hank Aaron. Oh yeah, we go way back. Many people forget, when he hit number 715, you know that night I'm talking about in Atlanta? The tv broadcast shows those two guys running out on the field as he's rounding the bases, you know what I mean? That's me. Me and my homey Big Ass Fritz running out there to congratulate old Hank on breaking that home run record. Then we all went out after the game and got ice cream. I remember I had a sundae and Old Hank got a banana split with an extra banana, just like he did after the 714 he hit before that. Good old Hank.

Dusty on Frankenstein:
Shit, I hate fire too.

Dusty on fishing:
Fishing's a lot like baseball. If you got a big fish with a strong arm, you just keep running that fish out there every five days. Or say, you got a smaller fish that can run pretty fast. That fish may not be good enough to marry your daughter, but shit, you can't teach speed. That fish is going to hit lead off every day for the entire fishing season. That's what I like about fishing, all the different types of fish you can catch.

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