Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reds Let Brewers Have One, Milwaukee 9-3

Manger of the year candidate, Dusty, decided that it's too early the suck all of the hope out of Milwaukee. The Brewers, as one of the more likeable members of the Central, will, as the season progresses, be relied upon to beat such hated organizations as the Cubs and Cardinals. We'll even include the Astros in that mix, though they're terrible.

So, Dusty called off the dogs. Owings, who looked very much like a pitcher at the plate, didn't throw all that poorly. Actually, I take that back. Two home runs allowed to Mike Cameron in a career is too much. One game? Come on Micah. And he was assured of the loss through a spectacular meltdown by the bullpen. Might as well get it all out in one night rather than spreading a fine layer of shit/shittiness over the season schedule. Burton, let's never give up a hit to Jason Kendall again.

One of the few positives was Dickerson's shot to right at which time the Brewer's broadcast, which gets a better signal than Cincinnati over the MLB internet package, took a commercial break and showed a graphic under Looper stating that Mike DiFelice was in the game. Maybe that had something to do with every single player on the field wearing the same number. I like Jackie and the widow Robinson, but I think even they would agree it's a little confusing. Regardless, nice work by number 42. I look forward to seeing you in left, only, and I'm serious here, when a right-handed pitcher is on the mound. Those are Dusty's rules and there's no flexibility. Reds to Houston Friday.

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