Thursday, April 9, 2009

Votto Helps Remind Reds Oliver Perez is Awful, Reds 8-6

We here at the Reds Rocket have long been Oliver Perez detractors. It likely has something to do with how well he typically pitches against Cincinnati despite his aforementioned awfulness. Regardless, he returned to form today. I'm sure the Mets will be happy with for the life of the $36 million they're paying him.

Votto looked pretty sharp again today. After looking like he got kicked in the head by a mule in his first at bat, he recovered, and hit a three-run bomb for the second day in a row. That homer, which followed main man Darnell McDonald's two-out rbi single, put the Reds up 4-3. After giving allowing the Mets to tie things up, Paul Janich Yanich, of all people, picked the team up with another two-out rbi single. That's why he's on the roster, his bat. I'm pretty sure we can disregard his first two at bats and his outright refusal to allow Perez to walk him.

So, evidently Arroyo wasn't full of shit when he said he was ready to go. He, of course, brought the pre-made salad mix but even showcased a little velocity. Did I really see 91 mph flash up on the screen? That guy can bring the heat. Nice first win of the year. Mets, get the hell out of town. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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