Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey Bronson, I Think Your Hair Looks Cool, Reds 4-3

Reds wrapped things up in Houston last night, taking three out of four from the Astronauts. Arroyo picked up his third win, with seven very solid innings. But it was the offense, featuring lineup number two, who picked him up in the 7th. After Arroyo decided that since he pitches for the Reds, he'd better let both Carlos Lee and Berkman hit a couple of rockets, the team offense rallied off, first, piece of garbage Mike Hampton, and then old pal Geoff and finally Tim Byrdak. 'Good spot for that fastball Timmy', is what the you heard Votto saying as he crushed the pitch off the left center column, scoring two. Hairston was thinking about what type of omelet he'd like to have for dinner and got thrown out at the plate. Didn't matter, the 4-3 lead was plenty for the reliable Reds pen. Though, pitching a 60-year-old everyday, even if it is Arty roads, may not hold up all season.

Paul Janish Yanish, Ryan Hanigan, and Darnell McD all picked up at least one hit, Janish had two. And McD made a sweet catch in right. I'm not claiming to be a Dusty Baker-type genius, but might not be a bad idea, at least while they're hot, to get Janish and Hanigan in the line-up with a little more frequency. But, I will defer to what Dusty feels is best. That guy's got a lot going on upstairs. Nice series Reds. Beat the shit out of the Cubs and their hip and whiney fan base starting today. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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The Last Unitard said...

Dusty doesn't care about your fancy "statistics" and "favorable matchups" and "common sense".

Dusty manages from the gut and from nowhere else.

Hear that, brain? Fuck you. That's right. Go take a hike, you grayish-pink weirdo. I'm operating on pure instinct from now on.

/rapes ladies
/eats meat
/bludgeons potential rivals