Monday, July 26, 2010

Arroyo Hangs Loose But Screwed By Lack of Reds Offense, Brewers 3-2

The Big Reds Team began their road trip to Milwaukee with a loss to Randy Wolf and the Brewers. I thought I just reminded you guys that Wolf gave up 30 runs his last start. So, what's the deal? Two runs in the second is all that the offense they figured Bronson would need. Turns out he needed slightly more, after a two-run shot by Rickie Weeks and a solo by Edmonds in the 8th. Still, complete game three-hitters are typically difficult to come by. Nice outing Bronson, that hair still looks perfect. Like a Werewolf.

The Reds Rocket prefers a steady form of offense rather than periodic violent outbursts followed by multiple days of quiet reflection. A little bit of consistency is what we're looking for around here, so, get to it. Reds turn things around tomorrow with Volquez recalling that he's a dominant major league pitcher.

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