Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reds Finish First Half Quite Strong, Phills Sweep

Opposing sweeps aren't quite as fun as Reds' sweeps. So, there will be no pictures of brooms sweeping floors or killing the Phanatic with a shiv made of heated tape. The team demonstrated a full range of incompetence - scoring fewer than 1 run on two occasions and on the evening where they scored many runs, the pitching allowed just as many runs, plus two. At least they have a few days to think things over and come back strong against the Nats [I mean Rockies, then Nats] after the break. Though the Big Donkey has been going coo-coo crazy.

On Friday, everything was going just fine for 8+ innings. The Reds were cruising, Leake was heading towards his first complete game up 7-1. He gave up a few hits including a bomb, prompting Coco's triumphant entrance. To his credit, he did record an out before walking a batter and allowing a game tying home-run to something named Cody Ransom. So, good for Cody but bad for everyone else, especially those people who hate Cody Ransom, like myself. Arty continued his allegiance to the Phills for their showing of respect by allowing a two-run walkoff bomb to Howard.

Saturday and Sunday were eerily similar. Though Saturday featured a stronger pitching performance - Wood was dynamite. He struck out 8 and allowed no base runners until Carlos Ruiz led off the 9th with a double into left center. He finished things up, going 9 allowing no runs and just the one hit. Ondrusek volunteered to allow the the game losing hit, giving it up to Rollins. Today, Baloney was pretty decent, actually good, he gave up one-run over 6 innings with just one run allowed. But, as the should have been made obvious on Saturday, one run is going to be one too many. The Reds loaded up the bases with no outs in the 4th but decided that they would wait until later in the game to score any runs. Gomes grounded out to 3rd and Bruce, who is not in the multi-hit part of the month, lined out to Hamels who doubled Rolen off second. That was hit. Hamels, as did Halladay did the night before, dominated the offense. Brad Lidge even recorded another save. I thought he couldn't record late inning outs against the Reds. I guess he proved me wrong.

So, even with the four-game sweep, the Reds finished the road trip just one game under .500 and still in first place in the Central. The Reds Rocket, as with all fans, is not at all surprised to see the Reds leading the division for 40+ days. The second half should take a similar course.

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