Monday, July 5, 2010

Votto Proves Critics' Point that He's Just Not All-Star Material, Reds 8-6

The Reds' Electric Dream Machine continued on its mystical journey tonight in New York City, dominating the Mets, then letting them creep back in, then crushing their spirits once and for all. Votto got the scoring started with a bomb in the 1st, then finished the scoring with a bomb in the 6th. In between was a huge 5th where Pelfrey loaded up the bases, then came inside on Rolen. The pitch may have hit him but since he's such a solid guy, despite the fact the umps initially ruled that it was a foul tip into the glove, they thought it over, remembering again that Rolen is a solid guy, and overturned things. So, Rolen gets to take first base and picks up a RBI. Good for you Scott. Stubbs knocked in two with a two out single through the hole at short. Cork, subbing for Hernandez's sore appendage, followed with a two-run double down the line in right. Wood capped the scoring with a RBI triple to center.

Wood's hustle, however, hid in the shadows and cracked him over the skull in the bottom of the 5th. The Mets hit him hard enough to prompt an entry by Jordan Smith, who was not great. He allowed all of Wood's runners to score and added one of his own. Fortunately, that's all the Mets were interested in scoring. Rhodes and Coco nailed things down and the Reds resumed their dominant road trip.

Harang's back has evidently healed, so he's going to handle game two duties against Johan Santana. He's typically handled the Mets pretty well and has been spending some extra time lifting weights and eating mountains of food. Now that his brother has been released from the organization there is no one who can challenge him for both the strongest and handsomest man in the organization. Good for you Aaron. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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