Friday, July 9, 2010

Reds Let Phillies Have the First One, Phills 3-2

The Reds have been winning a lot lately, so they decided to let the struggling Phillies, who, prior to losing the last series to Atlanta, lost a series to the Pirates which really hurts. So, since Charlie Manual was so nice to put three non-voted Reds players on the All-Star team (but, of course leave off the most deserving) the Reds decided to give him a gift in the form of a game 1 victory. Enjoy it Charlie because that's all you're getting.

The Reds responded late again off Ryan Madsen and Brad Lidge. Madsen, probably didn't deserve to give up any runs, as his run scored when he struck out Phillips with two outs, Phill stood around looking cool for a little while, then realized the ball got away from the catcher. In that time Stubbs sauntered on home, tying the game up. After Masset was nice enough to give the Phillies the lead again in their half of the 8th, Big Game Miguel Cairo drove a Brad Lidge pitch into the left-centerfield gap for a game tying double. Jordan Smith later gave up the game winning bomb to Brian Schneider, but we'll ignore that. That was pretty clutch by old man Cairo. I'm sure everyone is editing their early season Reds previews likening Cairo to a pile of excrement. You choose the species. I went with boring old human but I sure wouldn't call him a pile of human shit today. That guy is lights out.

Cueto pitched well again, give up 2 with only Victorino's first inning bomb being earning. The other run came when Votto tossed him the ball but Cueto had already discarded his glove, actually Victorino knocked it off during a close play at first base. As Victorino strayed off the bag, Votto threw behind him, hitting Cueto in the sternum as he stabbed at it with bare hands. So, now you're all up to date. Oh, with the exception of Votto got named to the All-Star team with a dominating vote and celebrated by hitting a bomb in the 1st. Pretty sweet Joey. Reds and Leake bounce back today.

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