Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reds Agree That New York New York Is One Hell of Town, Reds 3-1

Pictured behind a disappointed Jon Niese is Chris Heisey rounding the bases following his 7th inning bomb which provided the Reds with a 2-1 lead. As always, good work Getty Images and, since I'm complimenting you, that means copyright rules are merely a suggestion and not to be protected by punitive fines or cease and desist letters. Heisey was also responsible for preserving the lead in the bottom of the 6th when he tracked down, via an interesting route, a well hit ball by Jason Bay with some runners on base. Big game Chris, we now welcome difficult left-handed pitchers which may potentially encourage Dusty to give Bruce a day to rest his aching bones.

Arroyo was rock solid, going 8 and allowing just a single run on a first inning bomb to Angel Pagan, or the Pagan Angel which is amusingly oxymoronic. His salad was in full force tonight - getting lots of grounders with that sinker and then a few bad swings via the breaking stuff. He didn't need much offense, since he took all of his vitamins, and aside, from Heisey the only source was B. Phill who leaned his way around the bases with a bomb in the 3rd and knocked in the 3rd run of the evening with a ground rule double to right. He also flashed a little defense, utilizing his new gloveless play at second. That bare handed play sure looks sharp and he works it in whenever possible. That guy knows what he's doing out there.

So, the Reds complete their season with the Mets with a strong 4-2 showing and they don't have to bother playing a team with a healthy Reyes or Beltran in the lineup. Not that either of those guys would have affected the series. Reds are just too dominant. Trip to Philly begins tomorrow, the Reds Rocket fully expects another series victory. Kyle Kendrick has already began preparing for his beating. Votto continues to bombard the All-Star voting. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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