Thursday, July 22, 2010

Even With Hat Askew, Volquez Bad, Nats 7-1

Edinson failed to uphold his end of the bargain today, struggling through a little over 2 innings. His control was all over the place and once he stopped walking guys he started giving up hits. So, we'll count this as his warm-up start and assume that everything going forward will be positive. I think that is a safe assumption.

So, the Reds don't get to leave town with a series victory over the Nationals, but at least it's a split. The Cardinals cooled off a little bit today but still faced extra innings. But the clear advantage going forward, not only because they get to play the A-holes over the weekend, belongs to the Reds. LaRussa and everyone else in St. Louis knows it. You can bet Dusty's batting gloves on it.

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