Monday, July 19, 2010

The Reds Do Not Respect J.D. Martin (or Know Who He Is), Reds 8-2

The Reds kept up the fine second half play with a solid 7-2 win over the Nats tonight. After a little rain, the team poured it on, Gomes found a helmet which was close to fitting his chrome-domus and went yard among three hits. Stubbs also had three hits and Cairo had two, including his third bomb of the year. Unfortunately, the Cardinals are playing the Phillies who, judging from their performance against the Cubs, have lost interest in winning games. What happened to that team who kept winning one-run games against the Reds right before the break?

Cueto got a break when the sky opened up and rained on everyone. But he came back out and held things in place and, as predicted, picked up his 9th win of the year. He even shaved a little bit off his already impressive ERA. The bullpen, for the second night in a row, though the added a few more runners to the basepaths, threw three scoreless. Ondrusek, filling in as a giant Harang substitute, over his last 10 outings has allowed a grand total of 0 runs on only 3 hits. He also emptied out an entire trough of shellfish made available to the team after the game. I wouldn't put your hands too close to his mouth or his razor sharp teeth. Things are really coming together for the Reds. And Russ Springer's on the way. As I've said many times, we don't have enough 40+ middle/late inning relievers. He's going to work out the kinks at AAA for a bit then he'll be up taking over for Weathers as the face of Skyline Chili. When Russ Springer needs chili, he heads to Skyline. The beating of the Nationals continues tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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