Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reds Carry National League to First Victory in Many Moons, NL 3-1

Now, when the Reds go to the World Series they can play more games at home than on the road. Way to work together National League to not put yourself in a hole prior to the series beginning.

Some, less informed viewers, may point towards the Reds' combined 1 for 5 at the plate in determining that they had little impact or import in last night's game. Well, those people are assholes. Rolen ended up scoring the first National League run on McCann's bases loaded double off Thornton, and he reached base via a base hit. Phillips tricked Andrus, during an attempted steal,  into thinking that the throw went into centerfield. Then he tagged him out. Very crafty indeed. And Votto just looked sharp out there, collecting zero hits in two at bats but playing a strong, but mostly silent, first base. Arty was just happy to be down in the bullpen, checking out the All-Star Game tail that hangs around. The lake was stocked, as they say. 

So, there you go. Four Reds go to the All-Star Game and on account of that, the NL wins. There is a clear correlation between the long losing streak and major lack of Reds on the team. The NL solved that problem and was rewarded. Good for your guys.

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