Friday, July 2, 2010

Reds Disappoint Even the Fattest of Cubs Fans, Reds 12-0

A day after attempting a variety of methods to lose following Travis Wood's exceptionally strong big league debut the Reds allowed the Cubs crappiness to direct them towards the path of victory. In the 9 run 7th, the Cubs couldn't find the strike zone or field the ball at the traditional Major League level. The Reds took the gift inning, added on a two-run bomb by the Canadian Crippler in the 8th and sent the Cubs fans home to listen to independent music or view foreign films in their unimaginably expensive apartment. It was a nice day to enjoy the beginning to a long weekend.

Arroyo was sharp today in picking up his 8th win of the season, rivaling Woods competence. He even contributed at the plate by allowing Dumpster, who I have not forgotten was once a terrible member of the Reds, to walk him with the bases loaded on four pitches. That's a quality at bat. Yesterday, Wood looked like he probably deserves another start before Volquez is back. He lasted 7+, the + constituting to the portion of the game which he could have probably done without. He walked two batters, after walking that amount prior to that point, then turned things over to Masset who missed his spot allowing the tying runs to score. So, Wood can look back on his work, the final product being jack shit. However, it was a win for the team keeping them in first place.

The Reds Rocket read a rumor today that the Reds may be secretly interested in procuring Cliff Lee's services for the remainder of the season. Such an idea is intriguing - because he has been a consistent pain in the ass when pitching against the Reds. It is assumed that he would be an equivalent pain in the ass for the opposition. I like the sound of that. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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