Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Santana Remembers That He Is Pretty Good, Mets 3-0

Johan squinted at the Reds for the full 9 innings yesterday, throwing a three hits shut out. Aside from Phillips being on 3rd base with one out in the first, the Reds offered little resistance in favor of emergency starter Matt Baloney. Three hits and three walks were all that the Reds bothered to accomplish. They just miss Aaron Harang out there, throwing a ton of pitches and showing everyone how much he can eat at the post-game buffet. Good times. You can't do that with a broken down back.

Dusty didn't feel like talking about the starting pitching scenario after the game. With Harang on the shelf, Bailey apparently still ailing, you've got Arroyo, Cueto, Leake and then a choice between Wood, LeCure, Baloney and Volquez. Though I stated that Volquez looked pretty good in his last rehab start, the Reds' front office disagrees with me. I will concede that they may know more than me in this one, limited, instance. Jocketty thinks that less than 50% of your pitches going for strikes does not indicate that you are ready to face Major League hitters. Perhaps he is right. So, I guess it will be a surprise. Wood likely gets another look and then probably Baloney. However, I will continue to speculate because I don't have anything else better to do. On an aside, Votto leads in the left-out All-Star ballot. Good for you Joey. Maybe leading the league in bombs, slugging percentage and OPS does entitle you to something. Reds bounce back today with Arroyo's salad.

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