Sunday, August 1, 2010

...and this should end the inning. No Gonzalez has a Stroke! Reds 2-1

Exciting series with the Braves over the weekend. Lots of people at the games and starting as early as Friday, though the ultimate result wasn't ideal, late scoring and nice plays. However, today the Reds were presented with a win via a poor play from old pal Alex Gonzalez. After Heyward laid out for a ball hit down the right field line that he could have trotted two and retrieved without allowing a run or Phillips to advance to 3rd, Gonzalez opted to field Cabrera's grounder as if he had no arms or at least arms made of some sort of wax-type substance and therefore lacked pliability. That, following a strong performance by nearly the entire bullpen, proved to be the difference.

Volquez's performance was much more manageable today. Sure he still threw 100 pitches while lasting only 5 and may have walked a guy an inning but, he only allowed one Savage to cross home plate and struck out 6, in route to his 2nd big ol' win of the season. That salad coming out from under his hate, by the way, impeccable.

Friday, Reds lost but not before Votto hit a game-tying bomb in the 8th and Heisey stole a home run from Brooks Conrad. Yeah, they remember you Brooks and that home run which you thought was in Nix's glove. It's too bad that he didn't assume that this one was gone, as opposed to last time when he turned around and headed toward the dugout even after the ball was over the fence. But, Coco couldn't find the strike zone, melted down and the Reds lost game one on a two-run double by Heyward.

Saturday, however, Arroyo pitched well even with even less velocity than usual. Though, he usually handles the Braves. Rolen hit a bomb but Hanigan had the big hit, after Bruce rolled a single through the right side, Hanigan doubled to deep left center. The positioning of the defense seemed to indicate that the Braves didn't think that Hanigan has great strength and power. They learned a very important lesson. Ryan Hanigan does not respond well for what he takes to be disrespect. Coco put some more guys on base, which makes me want to turn the channel and watch the commercials for the new iPhone where the dad is singing to his daughter with new braces, you know, because that's the worst thing possible on tv but Coco's performance is similarly unappealing. The runs, however, didn't score and, after today's big performance, that's means the Reds win the series. Which is certainly not a surprise but  but pleasing. Tomorrow through Wednesday, they get to pound on the Pirates who may be the worst sports franchise in the country. So, expect a sweep. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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