Monday, August 9, 2010

Reds Open Up Big Series With Big Pile of Shit, Cardinals 7-3

As he hasn't been pictured, maybe all year, the lone offensive star, Ramon Hernandez, deserves a head shot for a post. He looks focused behind that mask. And he seemed reasonably focused this evening, picking up a couple of hits including a bomb. However, his small amount of offense didn't compete with the Cardinals 4th innings where they knocked out 8 hits, scored 7 runs and Skip Schumaker hit a grand slam. The last item in the list is particularly hard to take. Leake just wasn't sharp. This was the second start in a row where he has allowed 6 or more runs in an inning. That doesn't happen very often. I'll turn to the Elias Sport Bureau for the actual date it happened last - "no idea, it's probably been a while."

So, Leake has something off or it's just a case of the league catching up to him. These guys, for as much tail as they get, sure are willing to put the time into the video room. Leake will eventually figure things out but it remains to be seen whether or not it will be this season. At least he had a quality first half.

Of additional note was the acquisition of an aging friend of Jocketty, Jim Edmonds. So Taguchi and Scott Spezio have already been working out for Reds personnel. Regarding Edmonds, I think he can legitimately play all three outfield positions, should bring a little "pop", as they like to say, and a left-handed bat off the bench late in games. After both players passed through waivers, the Reds gave up formerly loyal contributor Chris Dickerson for the acquisition rights. As the Reds Rocket may have mentioned, we have nothing in particular against Dickerson other than he is frequently injured and 28. There were portions of last season where he was really quite acceptable in the outfield. He should get a chance to play in Milwaukee or maybe not. What do I know about Milwaukee other than what Alice Cooper tells me. To make room for Edmonds, the Reds sent Wood down temporarily. His spot in the rotation wouldn't be up again for about 10 days. So, he can hang around in Louisville with his old pals. Edmonds got the start this evening and looked quite old. I'm sure things will improve, starting tomorrow.

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