Monday, August 2, 2010

Reds and Pirates Treat Everyone To a Very Exciting Game, Reds 4-0

Unless of course you're either a Reds or Pirates fan, then it was captivating. Pirates can't throw any strikes or get any hits and a 4-0 game seemed to take forever, at least the portion that the Reds Rocket had time to view. Very important things happening around here. My cats may have discovered a cure for cat diabetes.

Wood continued fine rookie season, dominating for 7 innings. He allowed just the 2 hits and, of course, no runs. Reds scored one in the first, third and fourth in support. Heisey closed out the scoring on a very favorably scored in-the-park home run in the 8th. That guy's like a young B. Phill with all of his hustle. I do like that slide-stop by outfielders, that McCutcheun attempted, especially when it goes through the opposition's legs and rolls to the wall.

Russ Springer got a little taste of what late-inning relief with the Reds is like with a scoreless frame. Art Rhodes shut it down in the 9th, giving Coco a break. The win tonight brought the team to a solid 13 games over .500 which is the high water mark of the season to this point. It is approximately 1/2 the level they will be to close out the season. And all of this was done today with Votto taking a break with what Marty was very clear to state was not a sprained wrist (though the official site says Votto not playing due to sprained wrist). Everyone is downplaying the severity but it's not like the offense needs him in there anyway. Solid from top to bottom. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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