Friday, August 27, 2010

Reds Play Really Well, Then Really Poorly, Then a Little Better, Reds 12-11

The Reds Rocket was so appalled at the Reds' performance on Wednesday that it took a full day and a half to write a post. After a very pleasant 5 innings, Bailey was pitching well, the offense was going crazy, the Giants bats started going again. By the end of the 8th the Giants were all the way back from 10-1 and up 11-10. However, Janish-Yanish singled off Brian Wilson to tie things up and Votto won it in the 12th. Coco even provided some reliable relief after Rhodes and Ondrusek, two typically trustworthy members of the pen were not great. So, even though the Reds gave up 10 runs or more in three consecutive games to an, at least previously, poor offense, they head back home with a 6-3 road record and take one from a team pursuing them in the standings.

Skipping the ugly part of the game, Votto, Gomes and Hanigan all hit bombs in the 1st of Madison Bumgarner. Votto hit another one later. Pat Burrell revealed himself to be, Pat Burrell, backing into the wall on a deep shot to left by Stubbs which knocked in two and Stubbs ended up at 3rd. Bailey threw way too many pitches and ended up with a pretty ugly line, but he pitched reasonably well. Especially when considered in light of the performances which preceded him and, as it turns out, succeeded him. So, now the Reds are back at home with the awful clubs team. The Cardinals can't beat the Pirates. Pujols is hurt but the extent is currently unknown. No reason the Reds can't expand this divisional lead to the 15 games we all expected from the beginning of the year. Good job, for the most part, by the Reds. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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