Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Arroyo Shows Everyone That He Can Belittle a Team in Media with No Consequences, Reds 6-2

The Reds started off their big 9-day west coast swing nicely last night with a win over the, we'll say hapless even though they've been playing slightly better of late, Diamondbacks. If, for sake of argument, the Diamondbacks were to win one game of this series, do you think that manager Kirk Gibson will do "the chainsaw" in the dugout. Probably not, he seems to be all business.

After giving up a double to Chris Young to open things, Arroyo's sidearm changeup was met with the heavy bat of Kelly Johnson. Johnson deposited the ball in the right field seats but that was all the offense we saw from the previously-described hapless Arizona club. The Reds fought back, had a run stolen Jerry Lane determined that Stubbs missed 3rd base on a Janish double, but that was of little consequence. The team scored two in the 6 to even things, Yanish-Janish homered in the 7th to provide the lead, and the Snakes' bullpen melted down in the 9th to provide Coco with some cushion, which, for some reason he didn't need last night. It's been quite a while since I've seen a 1-2-3 inning out of the closer spot.

On an aside, it is my recollection that Ray Jay Bruce, sandwiched around a single, grounded into three 3-6-3 double plays. Again, I have no ability  to look up when a player might have done that previously, but sure seems like it would be a rarity. Nice job Jay. Let's try sneaking one of those by the first baseman tonight. 

In addition to Arroyo picking up his 13th win, some additional interesting things happened yesterday. The team, apparently, was so satisfied with Homeboy's performance against the Marlins that Leake has been permanently banished to the bullpen. The Reds Rocket does not dispute this decision, especially if the limitation of Leake's innings was going to result in missed starts here and there and unusual rest for the other starters. Starting pitchers are creatures of habit. Also, the Reds signed the highly reviewed first round pick Grandal at the deadline. Since he, as both Alonso and Leake did, was added to the 40-man roster. That meant a move was needed to clear a spot, that move was Micah Owings. Owings could swing it a little but not really do his regular job, throw, all that well. So, while the Reds Rocket wishes him well, of all the options, he seemed like the best. Though, that means we lose one more connection to the Big Donkey. It's a sad day.

Game 2 tonight at Chase Field. The Reds Rocket will be in attendance. I'll be the guy that looks like a white version of Volquez. Same weave. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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