Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reds Look Great Again, Giants 16-5

For the second night in a row the Reds pitching staff got hammered. Last night Travis Wood followed up Volquez's fine performannce with 7 runs allowed in 5 innings. He's been reasonably good all year, so the Reds Rocket won't really pile on him. Mike Leake followed him up out of the pen and was equally good. He gave up just 6 but lasted only 1/3 of an inning. I thought that the Reds' staff used to be able to get guys out that were good at swinging the bat, something that the Giants lack? Maybe I have a worse memory than I think.

Lost in the horrible, horrible pitching, was some pretty decent offense. B. Phill went deep twice and Rolen hit his first bomb in about 2 months. Wasn't he leading the league in bombs when he gave them up for some religious reason. So, the last hope against the Giants is the resurrected Homer Bailey, who has been pretty good his last two tries. The Reds Rocket is confident that the team will actually try out there today, throw a few strikes and go home with a 6-3 road record. That would be pretty sweet. If the Reds are victorious, Mr. Redlegs plans to club "Lou Seal" pictured above, and feed his carcass to his many illegitimate children. He just wants to see his kids, who have trouble subsisting on unpaid child support from a mascot's salary. Reds play less offensive tonight, you can bet on it.

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