Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Can Call Me Ray or You Can Call Me Jay, Reds Take Series

Reds resumed their series dominance with taking two of three from the shitty-ass Cubs. It was the Jay Bruce show on Friday, hitting leadoff for the first time in a couple of years and going yard on three consecutive at bats against left-handed pitching. Fine job Jay. That was more than enough for Cueto who resumed his effective pitching, throwing 8 strong in route to a big Reds win.

Saturday, however, the bats went all narcoleptic on the team. Votto took one out of the park but 2 runs against that potent Cubs' offense, as Arroyo sadly learned, will not suffice. So, everyone, including all of the Cubs fans who should always be sad and disappointed, went home sad and disappointed. Fortunately the Cardinals suddenly can't beat anyone. But the team bounced back today with some late run scoring after Arty Rhodes had his second consecutive bad relief performance. The Giants, whose offense was as potent as it has been impotent with the Snakes, is somewhat excusable because their bats were apparently powered by some sort of magic. But, a two-run game tying bomb to Fukudome? Hory Kow! But Hernandez singled in the go-ahead and Gomes added a pinch RBI single to top things off. Wood wasn't great, giving up 10 hits over 5, but was serviceable. Bruce went yard again and Hernandez added two hits in addition to the go-ahead.

So, that brings everything up to date. Volquez is now in the bullpen until he relearns his release point allowing Harangutan to reenter the rotation starting Tuesday against the Brewers. Homeboy is up tomorrow and everyone is expecting big things. Reds should continue with their dominance against the Central. Expect an 8 game lead by the end of the day Wednesday heading out of town to St. Louis. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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