Monday, August 9, 2010

Reds Fire Up Sweepmobile Against Cubs, Reds 11-4

The Reds used the Cubs as warm up for their big series with St. Louis (the Tardinals, as I read someone so cleverly put it) starting today and certainly appear ready. Yesterday, after two relatively close games, the offense accepted all of the charity from Dustin Diamond and the rest of the horrible arms the Cubs are running out there these days and showed the Cubs their explosion in support of Travis Wood. The win was Wood's third in a row after getting screwed out of a couple prior to that.

Jonny Gomes walked four times to double his season total. In his one official at bat, Gomes singled, so he was on base 5 times and scored 4 runs. Votto also scored 4 times and hit his 28th bomb of the season, which due to the Big Donkey's recent frenzy, is only good for a tie for second in the NL. Ray Jay shifted the manual switch on his back from "complete liability at the plate" to "able to hit mistakes" in picking up three hits. He got things started with a two-run double in the first after the Cubs threw the ball all over the park and into the dugout. Things got exciting briefly in the 7th when Wood, who held the Cubs hitless until the 6th, gave up a bomb and a double and Francisco, filling in for the aging bones of Scott Rolen, did his best Cubs impression and fired a routine throw way over Votto's head. But, the Cubs returned to normal the following inning and the stress level was greatly reduced.

Friday and Saturday were more competitive. Arroyo threw 7 scoreless Friday night and picked up his 12th win of the season. Gorzelanny was all over the place but settled in and held the Reds to a Ryan Hanigan two-run bomb and a two-out single from B. Phill in the 7th. When Arroyo is dishing up quality salad, he needs nothing more. Saturday was the Drew Stubbs show. Adapting to his new role of bench player, he doubled and scored the first run, then hit a tie breaking bomb in the 8th. Fortunately, the Reds added a couple more because Coco had a near meltdown or maybe it was a full meltdown, since he had to leave the game. He couldn't find the plate, walked three and hit Starlin Castro on an 0-2 pitch. Masset came in and, after punishing Cordero for his misdeeds by walking Ramirez with the bases loaded, k'd the one legitimate Cubs hitting threat, Marlon Byrd, on a filthy overhand curve. If you're going to swing at a pitch like that, that's how you're going to look. That makes two saves on the season for old Masset. Good for him

So, here we are. In August with the Reds 16 games over .500 with a series at home against the Cardinals. The lead is 2 games. I am typing all this out so I can consult back just in case the team goes all Dusty on us. But, I of course expect nothing less than a sweep of all three starting today against Carpenter. He's been a pain in the ass for entirely too long, so the Reds exact their revenge today, assuming, of course, Leake is a little better this time out. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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