Friday, August 20, 2010

Reds Execute Snakes, Sweep Them Into Overturned Garbage Can, Reds 9-5

The Reds looked pretty good again last night against my local baseball team, pounding the Snakes 9-5. It was 9-1 when Dusty brought in Bray and Smith, which more or less means the game is over. So, those last 4 runs by the Diamondbacks don't really count.

Wood was very good again. He opened the game with a walk to Stephen Drew then commenced dominating. He allowed a single in the 4th on a check swing and a bomb to Mark Reynolds, which is embarrassing. Hernandez opened the scoring against Joe Saunders, who for some reason Arizona is very pleased to have starting in place of Dan Haren, with a three-run jobber. Bruce followed that up with his second bomb in two days. He, Bruce, had an additional hit as well and his average is quickly approaching .270 which will be a nice place for him to remain. The additional scoring was thanks to a dropped liner by Snakes left fielder, whom nobody but locals is aware exists, Rusty Ryan, with two-outs in the 7th. The Reds poured it on then. Janish walked, Nix pinch singled, Phillips walked, Stubbs knocked in two to center, and Votto doubled to left center. But the game was already long over.

So, that makes 6 in a row for the dominating Reds ballclub just prior to their trip to L.A., where they have lost consecutively for about 5 years. This should be the year they turn that around and start getting a couple wins of their own. No Manny, who seems to hit Reds pitching especially well and the staff, with the exception of Ted Dafodil, is doube-s struggling. Reds push the winning streak the 9? I think so. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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