Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Leake Not Sharp But Reds At Least Give Coming Back a Try, Pirates 7-6

After a lengthy 8 day delay in between starts, Leake made his case for more regular appearances last night. He gave up 7 Pirates runs, which is not something which happens often (see Bailey, Homer victory number 1 this season) but Leake thought it was about time. The offense, without Votto with the exception of a pinch hit walk, still tried pretty hard out there, rallying against nemesis Maholm and the always reliable Pittsburgh bullpen. However, even with the loss the Reds kept their spot in first place of the Central when the Cardinals were hammered by the seemingly offense-less A-holes. Good for those guys.

Last night we also saw the first day of the Paul Janish-Yanish era. Cabrera's got a pulled gut, so needs to sit out for a couple of weeks. We wish him well but the Reds Rocket is at least a little interested to see what kind of step down the offense would have encountered this season with Janish up the middle. His defense, at least, is always pretty strong. Reds turn things around today. Cueto is looking forward to that 11th win.

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