Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everyone Likes Jay Bruce Again, Reds 11-7

The Reds showed a little heart against a very bad baseball team last night, bouncing back from a 7-3 deficit in the 8th inning to end up soundly beating the D-Bags 11-7. The offensive outburst was due more to Reds competence as opposed to the 9th from Tuesday where the Arizona bullpen simply imploded. The team hit some good pitches, for example Phillips' game-tying double was low and off the plate and did some nice things, like Heisey squeezing in old man Edmonds. But the big offensive star of the evening was Ray Jay Bruce. He had 4 hits featuring a bomb, triple and a push bunt down the third. Despite his three 3-6-3 double plays on Tuesday, he was actually striking the ball pretty well. Perhaps he is going to be of benefit, as opposed to burdensome, down the stretch. Sure looked like he knew what he was doing last night.

The Lion from Zion, Volquez, took his typical approach to the game for the first four innings, tons of pitches, runners all over the basepaths, but very few of them actually scored. When you're viewing him in person you realize how excruciatingly slow he works. It's like Homer Bailey, who takes forever, took a sedative. But in the 5th, after recording an out, Ryan Church punched a ball into left for a single which Gomes misplayed for an error allowing Church second. On the next play, Stephen Drew again hit the ball to Gomes, more solidly this time. Jonny got caught in-between on a very catchable ball, let it drop, then airmailed his cutoff man allowing Drew to take second. So, instead of Church on 1st with two outs, runners second and third with one. Volquez who looked as if he was using some of his new American curse words, then hung a curve ball to Upton tying the game. After a bomb to Chris Young with a runner aboard, both Volquez and Gomes were out of the game. This last month or so has been a real bummer for Gomes. Rodrigo Lopez, the D-Bags starter last night, is someone that Jonny has traditionally killed at the plate. Last night, however, three pop-ups in three at bats. Poor defense in left certainly won't help his playing time, especially with Nix hitting a little bit.

But, all is forgiven as the offense was very good last night. Sweep tonight with the reappearance of Travis Wood, who was in Louisville for the last 10 days. Unsure about who gets removed from the active roster. My guess is Jordan Smith, who pitched last night and gave up a bomb to Adam DeLoage. It will just have to be a surprise. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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