Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ay Oh, Oh Ay, Reds Sweep 9-7

The Reds put together a pretty nice series, all after starting Friday's game down 4-0. Fred Lewis was thrown out at home plate and Arroyo was getting hit a little bit more than he usually does. But, the Reds rallied, Phill drove in the tying run in the 9th and Joey Jo-Jo Shabadoo drove in the winner in the 10th.

Yesterday, for the most part, was much less exciting, Cueto dominated. For 7 until Janish-Yanish made an error at short. Rolen, back with the team banishing Valaika to AAA, liked the reaction from the crowd so much, he decided to do the same thing. So, after two errors, Cueto lost interest and served up a three-run bomb to John Jay of all people. That cut the lead to 5-3. Fortunately, Cardinals' pitching went with the LaRusso on hives-induced hiatus, and they handed over a couple more runs, providing plenty of cushion for the 9th and the eventual final of 7-3

Today, the Reds finally decided that Carpenter wasn't unbeatable. About time. They stuck him with 8 runs, 7 earned, over 7+. Wood was solid, making three straight quality starts. After giving up back to back bombs to Berkman and Molina and another hard hit ball to Tyler Green, he settled in, went 6 with just the two runs. The offense caught up by then. Arredono, who replaced Leake on the big league roster, got an inning of work before giving way to Chapman. The strike zone must be a little larger in Cuba because he simply can't find it. He did record an out, on a a line drive to center. So, that's a positive. But didn't get anyone else and things got a little exciting when Masset gave up Chapman's remaining runners and Coco gave up Masset's runner. But he, Coco, shut down the rally, concluding things at 9-7. The picture above was prompted by Gerald Laird, who I don't think even gets to play, barking at Cordero after he drilled Pujols on the swinging arms. Cordero and Volquez threw their hands over their heads and yelled back, likely in crazy moon talk. Add Coco to the list of major league pitchers who'd like to hit Laird with something hard. I'd choose bat, but if you've only access to a ball, that will work too.

Thus concludes the big weekend. Reds entered in second, left with a 1.5 game lead in the Central. They're not planning on giving it up. Expect to see a roster move for Chapman within the next few days. There is some benefit to a pitcher who you don't trust to hold a 9-2 lead but not a whole lot. Nice to see Rolen back, especially since he's hitting. Phill's been killing the Cardinals and the pitching, with the return of Bailey and Cueto, seems locked in. Very exciting times, especially with the Cubs and Pirates coming up. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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