Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homeboy Back Making Weird Faces, Dominating Fools, Reds 10-4

The Reds secured a second series victory over the A-holes and their first back-to-back wins since early (April which is pretty unbelievable) today against Brett Myers. Sure they put 10 runs on the board, with Bruce and Hanigan each collecting three hits and Fred Lewis depositing his first hit as a Red over the right field fence, but the big story was some solid starting pitching. The starters, as you may have noticed, have been just slightly below excellent. The respective ERAs, which don't tell the whole story, but are easy to provide are: Volquez 5.67, Arroyo 4.17, Wood 6.21, Leake 5.77 and LeCure 4.37. Those could use a little work. Bailey's 1 run over 6 looks a little better and hopefully starts a trend. He added 7 ks to go along with his strong outing and just 1 walk. Though he probably threatened to kill and gut both Ondrusek and Chapman for their work in the 8th. "I don't care if you are nine and a half feet tall, Ondrusek, I will crush your skull and feed it to my cattle which I will in turn feed to my illegitimate children." But Bray and Masset worked together to defuse the situation and Dusty sat Coco in favor of LeCure after the Reds fed on Nelson Figueroa's ineffective salad.

So, fourteen hits look a lot better in the box score then what the teams been offering. I presume it will carry over to Chicago. The Cubs don't know what they're doing out there. One point of interest before I sign off, did you know that Hanigan has not thrown out any of the 13 runners who have attempted to steal on him this year? That is quite poor but he's a solid guy, so I don't hold poor early season performance against him. I'll blame it on the pitchers. Nice ballgame today boyos - Reds! Reds! Reds!

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