Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reds' Play Leads to Threat of Return from Mr. Red, Astros 10-4

The Reds thought they killed their Michael Myers-esque mascot, Mr. Red, when employees stabbed him with a knife, lopped off his comically oversized head and lit his lifeless carcass on fire but, as you can see, he is still pointing at the camera and wearing a early-2000's jersey. It was told that he would return, should the Reds lose two consecutive games to a very bad Astros team at home, the second of which featuring Aneury Rodriquez on the hill. The stars have aligned. So, hopefully the Reds play a little better today.

Leake must have shown the arsenal to the Astros lineup the first time around because the second time through, he was very hittable, giving up 6 in the 4th before exiting in favor of Jordan Smith. Not great. The offense, actually had Happ in a hole in the first with runners on second and third, following a Votto double (meaning he reached base for the 29th consecutive time to start the season) but only got the one run on a Phillips sac fly. Chris Johnson tied it with a bomb in the second and that is the full summary of the positives. Well, except for Phillips' bare hand, around-the-back play on Bourgeois. That was pretty sweet. I'd add the video but it is probably very complicated and MLB would just send me a nasty letter telling me to take it down. You'll have to rely on your wits if you'd like to see it.

As stated, Reds take on the A-holes and Aneury Rodriguez today. Hopefully they like day games because this is the first of five straight. Wood takes the hill and he, like everyone sans Arroyo in the rotation, has not been super great. Maybe not even great. With Cueto set to resume kicking people in the skull this Sunday, this is a big start for Trav. Bailey's due back the 10th. I have that day circled on my calendar. So, two rotation members make their way to the door. LeCure is one and the final battle will be between Wood and Leake. Maybe there should be some sort of battle royale. Reds assured me they'll play better today.

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