Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reds Plan to Ruin Pirates 2012 Draft Status Works to Perfection, Pirates 5-3

The Reds may appear to, incomprehensibly, struggle with the Pirates, as today marked the 5th loss in 6 home games against the terrible team from Pittsburgh but it's all part of Dusty's plan. Rather than let them further rebuild that farm system, since they appear to have some idea what's going on in the draft these days, Team Baker let them have a couple more early season wins. They'll recoup them later in the season but pretty good chance the Pirates aren't going to be losing 100 this year with 5 free ones from the best team in the world. That's the only explanation for not completely lighting up James McDonald. Also, I'm pretty sure that 3-2 pitch to Garrett Jones which preceded the Walker double giving the Pirates their first lead was well within the strike zone. But, I don't always pay that level of attention, so there may have been some other missed calls and Cueto, as good as he's been, needs to turn in a little better performance, were the Reds actually trying to get the win, which they weren't.

Bruce had a nice day at that plate, hitting homers numbers 9 and 10. Number 10 left the field of play in left field, which is not typically his preferred location. Jordan Smith made his case to return to AAA after Cueto's exit. If he wants it so bad, maybe Jocketty should reward him with that demotion. And Masset? Cowboy read the stat that his ERA in day games is around 8 and in night games around 2. That doesn't make much sense other than if you're going to stay up until 5 in the morning, you'll need to sleep until about 2 in the afternoon, not be at the ballpark getting knocked around by feeble Pirate bats. Maybe they'll need to look into that sleep doctor some of the NBA teams are utilizing to teach the players how to take a nap. I'm pretty sure I could teach that class. Just put on a dress shirt, sit in front of a computer for about 10 minutes, then crawl under your desk. It's like magic.

So, Reds hit the road. First stop Cleveland where I'm simply not buying that record. They're poised and ready to provide the Reds with 3 freebies before team piles back into the van and heads to Philly and Atlanta. Just for your information, Atlanta got swept in their two-game series with Arizona. Things are all out of wack. Winning strategy back in place tomorrow.

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