Monday, May 16, 2011

Reds Fear Not Even the Craziest of Switch-Hitting Lunatic Venezuelans, Reds 7-4

The Reds took a bit of time to get going tonight, with only a Bailey single in the 3rd to show for themselves. The bats then suddenly came alive, jump started by Miguel Cairo's pinch hit leadoff strikeout, the next 9 men reached. By the time Stubbs grounded out and Renteria struck out, 12 men had stepped up to the plate and all seven runs had scored. Gomes had a big one, taking one out to right for his 7th of the year.

Bailey who'd already put in his 6 with 4 allowed (3 earned) was presented with a gift win. LeCure spun an inning and a third, Bray 2/3rds and Coco the 9th, for his 8th save. Though Rolen made another error, Stubbs made a nice throw to pick off Soriano at the plate in the 8th.

The Cubs manager who normally the Reds Rocket cares so little about we haven't bothered to learn his name - something with a 'Q' had this to say after the game: ‘‘You get beat, you struggle, but that was embarrassing,’’ said the manager whose name no one knows, who called a team meeting after watching a 4-0 lead that should have been bigger disappear in an avalanche of hits and walks in the Reds’ seven-run sixth inning. ‘‘That s---’s got to stop." That shit, indeed, got's to stop but unfortunately its not going to be stopping in Cincinnati. Volquez is off his toothpaste and Sprite diet and has been sprinkling in a few vegetables here and there ready to harness his a-plus stuff into the small area arbitrarily designated as the strike zone. There is no solution for the Darwin Barney problem at second or the rest of the limp bats in the lineup. Reds look forward to a two-game sweep, which is one of their favorite varietals. Winning streak reaches 5 tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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