Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Liked Charlie Morton a Lot Better When He Couldn't Get Anyone Out, Pirates 5-0

Arroyo made a couple of bad pitches last night, probably more than that, but two bad ones that were hit hard and provided the Pirates with all 5 of their runs. But he sure looks good in that black-and-white glamor shot. That boy knows what he's doing behind the camera. Alvarez hit a three-run jobber in the 4th and McCutchen did the same, only with one runner on, in the 7th. That provided the Pirates with all of their runs and, with the bats taking a night off, that was all they needed.

I remember last year when Charlie Morton had an ERA over 10 and they just kept running him out there to give the team no opportunity to win. He figured out how to throw a sinker, or a sinker that at least gives the impression of being in the strike zone, and that has served him well thus far. He was pretty solid last night, going all 9 and throwing just a few more than 100 pitches. But, enjoy it early on Charlie. The Reds will not be quite so forgiving as the season wears on. Aside from Phillips' double in the first, all the other hits, 4 of them, were singles. It is unfortunate for James McDonald that he with have to be subjected to the wrath of the offense today. He's used to it, with that ERA north of 6, so don't feel bad for him.

Reds still have an opportunity to depart with a 6-1 home stand. I shouldn't say opportunity, the Reds will depart with a 6-1 home record during this trip home after the savage beating levied upon the Pirates this afternoon. That's a big time record for a big time team.

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