Monday, May 23, 2011

Reds Make Good on Their Promise to Remain Unpredictable, Indians 12-4

Reds took their two-game losing streak which began at home versus the Pirates all the way to Cleveland with them and were able to draw it all the way out to 5 after getting swept by the Indians. So, I guess I'll have to come slightly off my belief that the Indians are, in actuality, brutal. At least temporarily, since they swept the best team in baseball. The best in the unbiased eyes of this site anyway.

Wood was great for 5 innings on Friday and pretty not great for 1/3. After allowing no hits for the first 5 and being presented with a 4-0 lead via some savage defense from the savages, Wood gave up his first hit in the 6th, then a couple more and a walk and a hit batsmen. He exited before the close of the frame. Ondrusek walked a man with the bases loaded to tie the game at 4 and that's where it stood until the Reds lost on a bunt single, which happened to be the first hit of the sure to be stellar career of Ezequiel Carrera. That was a pretty good bunt.

Saturday Bailey was strong but a two-run home run to Travis Buck, the reincarnation of Eric Byrnes, was the difference and the Reds lost 2-1. Yesterday, Volquez was not good as the Indians eagle-danced all over the Reds 12-4. But, at least things get easier starting today with the trip to Philadelphia. Utley's broken down knees are expected to make their first start of the season and Cole Hamels who has been quite disrespectful to Reds hitters in the past is on the hill. But Arroyo is ready to shut down the Phillies ancient lineup. If they could only find a position for Jamie Moyer in the field. So, things should get better before they get worse. Or, the Reds could return home with a 12-game losing streak. That would be worse, I suppose.

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