Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ray Jay Decides Losing Streak Should End, Reds 6-3

Reds took advantage of someone not named Hamels, Lee or Halliday being on the mound to hang around and eventually win the game in the 9th. Cueto pitched well enough to get through 6. He gave up 3, which isn't too bad, especially in light of what happened last night. Though, in Arroyo's defense he was man enough to pitch ineffectively with a bad back rather than telling anyone about it and waiting for his turn in Atlanta. He got checked out back in Cincinnati and, apparently, based upon the vague diagnosis posted on the Reds Official site, is fine. He should be ready to go in time for his next turn.

The offense was better, responding to Volquez throwing it under the bus on his way onto the bus to Louisville. They got some timely bloop hits. Seriously, with the exception of Bruce's double, they hit nothing well, at least the hits that directly led to runs. Both Rolen and Phillips RBI singles were placed exactly in the right position. But, for those of you who weren't watching, they look like rockets in the box score. A little luck is nice when you've lost 6 straight.

So, the ship has been righted and the Reds are ready to take the next two in Philly and all three in Atlanta. Decision has tentatively been made to allow Leake another shot on Friday. Wood tomorrow and Bailey Thursday. Todd Frazier, after inviting his entire home town to the game last night to watch him throw the bat down the thirdbase line on his first big league swing, heads back to Louisville. Fisher is back to man the possible mop-up role. And, I neglected to mention, Danny Ray Herrera and his 80 mph heat, didn't make it through waivers when the Reds removed him from the 40-man and we say goodbye. Milwaukee didn't want to look back and say they had the opportunity to pick up Danny Ray Herrera and passed. We'll get to see him again sometime. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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