Monday, May 2, 2011

Reds Beaten By a Bunch of Fish Walking Upright on Fins, Marlins 9-5

I assume this picture is airbrushed on a F-250 somewhere, maybe multiple F-250s with mudflaps that read "dirty mean and nasty" and have some sort of devil, possibly Tasmanian. It looks sharp and would do nothing but increase in value.

The Reds didn't look as good as the mural over the weekend. Wood got lit up Friday night and the Reds couldn't quite battle back. Yesterday, Arroyo was solid through 6 but John Buck, who had been terrible before coming to Cincinnati but also had a bomb Friday, hit another in the 7th. That provided the margin, even before Masset made sure his ERA didn't get too low by giving up a towering shot to Mike Stanton then, since the game was clearly out of hand (3-run leads are insurmountable), he allowed Emilio Bonafacio, who is only on the team because his grandfather pulled Edwin Rodriquez out of the way of the fast-moving train, hit the first home run, to actually clear a fence, of his career. That will definitely be an "of note" for Masset's career. "Gave up the only (outside-the-part) home run of the Emilio Bonafacio's career." Nice job Nick.

Heisey made it a little closer in the 9th but not quite close enough. Interestingly, the Reds one win of the series came the day that Josh Johnson started. They, of course, didn't do much again Johnson, but made him throw some pitches and preyed on the bullpen. So, one of three at home versus the Marlins. Bruce hit a couple of bombs and seems to like his new lineup location right in front of Votto. Hermida also hit his first of the season just to show his disdain for the Marlins organization. Not great, but the Fish are playing pretty good baseball. Tomorrow begins the Astros and the wins will start to pile up.

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