Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cueto, You Looking Trim Man - Reds 2-0

Reds put together a pretty nice weekend series versus the Cubs, who aren't quite hapless but are sure to be labeled as such as the season progresses. The only blemish was a Coco-related meltdown yesterday on Fox's game of the week. At the Reds are pulling in some of that publicity I was always whining about not receiving. Thombo did his best to remain objective but that line drive from Horry Kow Fukudome seemed to break his heart a little bit.

Volquez was great, strike that, shaky and borderline unwatchable Friday. Guys who don't have a real good idea what to do with a baseball bat, at least compared to other professional participants, were all over the basepaths. But the Reds offense took it upon itself to provide him with win number three. The bullpen and defense deserve some credit too. So, everyone but Volquez contributed to the win.  Bruce had the big hit, leaving the yard to right. Votto and Phill also contributed two-out RBIs. LeCure pitched, more or less, out of a bases loaded no-out situation. I say more or less because he did give up a run but it was Volquez's, so he probably wasn't too concerned about it. Masset was lights out, as he was again today, and Coco made a nice play on a liner to the mound, to extinguish whatever might have been.

Yesterday, as mentioned, was a bit of letdown. Arroyo was rock solid over 7 and a 1/3. Ondrusek pitched a nice 8th but Coco looked pretty hittable. Beginning with Carlos Pena's homer to right (whose 3 hits tied his season total to date or something like that), the Reds' closer didn't look great. But Dusty has is a forgiving man, and Coco was quite a bit better today, meaning, the hard hit balls were at people and there were two of them. Speaking of today, Cueto was sharp. Going 6 and a 1/3, after being unable to get anyone out during his rehab starts, which, clearly, are mostly irrelevant. Bruce had 2 hits and was on base three times and Stubbs went yard. Votto disappointed everyone except for Dave Collins by not getting on base for the first time all season. He, Votto, actually didn't look great all weekend which I don't say, well, ever. That just means he has some big things planned for the Astros - fancy plans, with pants to match.

Janish hurt some part of one of his lower extremities but claims to be recovering. Renteria seems to have totally forgotten that he won a Gold Glove in the past. Maybe it was of the Rafael Palmeiro variety, mostly honorary. Though, I have some recollection of him being able to glove it when he was a younger man. Regardless, will be nice to have Janish-Yanish back to provide some reliability in the middle. Leake's in the pen, Fisher's back in AAA. I think you're up to date, if you weren't already. Reds continued to dismantle the central with Wood on the hill tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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