Friday, May 27, 2011

Reds Vanquish Phills By Allowing Them a Win the Reds Didn't Want Anyway, Phillies 10-4

The Reds wrapped up their series in Philadelphia yesterday with a 10-4 loss. Bruce hit a bomb and had another hit, he's red hot, but there wasn't a hell of a lot of other offense going on. Bailey had to take an early shower with a "spasm" in his shoulder. He caught the first train back to Cincinnati to visit the doctor with Arroyo. Dusty says its no big deal but I think I remember hearing that with both Bailey's earlier injury and Cueto's sore forearm. So, just proceed as if it is so serious it will need amputation and Homeboy's going to have to learn how to throw left-handed, or with his feet. I guess I'd prefer feet.

Daryl Thompson got to rejoin the big club, despite not having particularly good numbers at Louisville. His call was necessitated by Baloney taking a trip to the DL. I hope it doesn't hurt his velocity. That guy throws gas. Thompson wasn't bad, if you don't mind walks and bases clearing doubles allowed to the opposing pitcher. Which I don't. Cliff Lee is a deceptively tough out, if you have fringe level pitching ability. Actually, that's maybe a little hard on my other brother Daryl. At one time he appeared to be on a rocketship to major league adequacy but his wallowing in the minors seems more related to his injury history than a general inability to throw the ball well. That's hardly his fault.

Reds begin today in Atlanta. I believe today's starter. Tommy Hanson was on the mound last year when the Reds had their very impressive late inning meltdown. My recollection is a 10-0 lead evaporating and ending when Brooks Conrad's fly ball fell out of Nix's glove and over the wall. So, I think the Reds hit Hanson pretty well, which is good. However, Leake, making his triumphant return, will need to veer away from the current strategy of ineffective starting pitching. Maybe that one minor league start is what he needed to get going. Depending upon the status of Arroyo, Bailey and Volquez, he may be making a few more. At least until Dontrelle Willis is off the DL. The D-Train on the DL. That's a nice sounding tag line. Reds improve upon recent play this evening to Atlanta's poor fortune.

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