Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reds Make Some Changes But Still Look Terrible, Phillies 10-3

Big news yesterday, no surprise according to Marty, was the demotion of opening day starter, Volquez. He was pretty bad in his last start and maybe Louisville can help him recall the general whereabout of the strike zone. 38 walks was leading the league, in only 51 innings. So, the Reds are going to miss that. So far, no replacement. The team recalled Baloney to take Jordan Smith's spot in the rotation. I think you could recall 75-year-old Jesse Orosco and he'd get more outs than Smith, so that probably wasn't too bad of move. Also, Reds called up Todd Frazier, likely just for a couple of days until they need that 5th starter. He got an at bat and a first major league strike out during garbage time last night. Good for you Todd.

As you can tell by my extended discussion of things other than last night's game, Reds didn't look great. Arroyo didn't have his A-plus stuff and left a shade less than 3 innings with 9 runs charged to his ERA. This, at least prior to last night, had been a pretty poor Phillies offense. At least they get to play them three more times. Tonight they face something called a V. Worley. So, who knows what you want to get. Reds typically don't hit pitchers with whom they're unfamiliar very well. But, I'd probably still choose him over the other options, excepting Blanton. Bruce had a nice game, picked up 3 hits and contributed the only 3 rbis on his 11th bomb of the year. All off a tough left in Hamels. That's a good sign.

Anyway, Reds not playing particularly well but that's how a long season like this goes. Sometimes you win a few, other times you get swept by the Pirates and Indians. Cueto turns things around tonight.

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