Monday, May 5, 2008

Hey What's This Feeling, Pride? Reds 5-3

Big return to Great American tonight. The Reds just couldn't wait to get back home and put on a show for the home fans. 20,000 people showed up to watch the Reds allow the Cubs to lose the game for them. Chicago threw the ball all over the place (which transformed all Dempster's runs to the unearned variety. Curses!) and Mike Fontenot had an aneurism in the 9th. Nice base running pal, even if on replay you may have appeared to have been safe. That wins Lou Pinella's post game cock punch, a long standing tradition in Sweet Lou's clubhouses.

Dunn continues to show signs that he'd like an expensive contract next season. He hit a hydrogen bomb in the 3rd which makes an even 5 for the season. Keppinger knocked in a couple more when he broke his bat. Griffey stayed in the two hole but decided he'd pick up a hit and then nearly take one out. Felix Pie you and your above average center field defense can rot in hell. Nice to see the effective version of Cueto again and Dusty appears to have done a little growing up since Chicago.

"Hell, he's only thrown a 108 pitches, he's young, run him back out there."
"Whoa there Pitching Coach Dick Pole, let's try and, preserve? Is that the word, preserve his arm so that he will be of value to the team later. Though let's double switch in Patterson."

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